Destination Cebu: Learn the Language Overnight with the Easiest Visayan Language Tutorial There Is!

It is no joke when you have to travel to other worldly destinations and the first hurdle you need to overcome is the language barrier.  Is it possible to be ready to mingle and interact with the locals armed with your spoken language whether it be English, German, Finnish, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, or whichever language you speak?

The answer is an unequivocal, YES. 
It is absolutely possible especially in Cebu and the Philippine islands in general, for you to explore the islands even without knowing a single spoken word in the locale since English is considered a second language.  Thus, most everyone know and understand English.
But if you have the chance to be equipped and be readily able to speak the language which you could potentially use to enrich your island-hopping experience, would you pass the opportunity?
Learning a new language in general seems to be such a daunting task. And it's even going to be such a challenge if you don't have the time to le…

The Dilemma of the Times

Technology has all of us on our feet all the time. Gadgets are coming out in different shapes and form and we are left with so many choices, it is almost appalling.
Do we wonder why we are constantly scrambling to do things as if time is so squeezed we can barely fit any chore in it? Give an honest answer, for once. How much time do we waste each day on distractions like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, e-mails and the eight hundred apps or so residing in our mobile devices? Do we wonder why we have a phone, and we don’t even call people anymore? I do.

I always catch myself updating on the latest happenings and interests around the globe through Twitter. I always catch myself giving inputs and insights on my Facebook wall about the things that I’m currently preoccupied with and interested in. What a life!
Sometimes when my morning alarm rings which is conveniently carried out by my iPhone, I catch myself clicking on the Facebook app even when my eyes are still half-open. Why is that …

The Year That Was…2009: Hello 2010!

Time flies. I remember how everything just blew down on us like a whirlwind from the recession to the bailouts, from war and still more war, from ponzi schemes to the unbearable market losses, from the enormous unemployment rate to still a staggeringly high number of people still unemployed, 2009, came and stayed like a dark cloud without any silver lining.

A lot of people in the U.S. are still finding answers. A lot of people around the globe are still groping in the dark. Suffering and war have not eased up a bit. Chaos and indifference still loom everywhere. Add to that the ever growing fear of a catastrophic pig flu outbreak, and this world seemed like a sad place to be in.

Horrid as it is, media and the authorities tried their best to project a less daunting future for all of us, as if everything is under control and things will get better soon.

I don’t see anything promising at all for the near future. The war will remain. More war will brew in places unheard of. The global communi…

For These Desperate Times: A Few Measures You Could Take

On spending:
1. Use coupons when you shop.
2. Never pay full price for an item.
3. Always prepare a list of things you need to buy before going shopping.
4. Go for what's on sale. Be ready to try other brands.
5. Stay away from mail-in ads and mail-in shopping mags.

On saving:
1. Live below your means.
2. Save at least 20% of your pre-tax earnings.
3. Limit use of credit cards and if you have to, always pay the full amount due each month.
4. Go on a budget and stick to it.
5. Shop less often; shop in bulk.

Earn a little extra on the side:
1. Get a little extra hour of job at
2. You probably have some stuff you can sell at online sites like,,,
3. Consider getting a home-based job or business that will cut costs.
4. Ever heard about dropshipping? If you like to do online business without the inventory, this may be a business for you.
5. Are you an authority on a subject? There's a lot of opportunities online, e.g., blogging that may give you …

Cool Stuff: Grooveshark Widget

I love music. Guess, all of us do.

It doesn't matter what kind of music you like, but we all can agree that music is the universal language of the heart.

Music can change your mood.

Music can inspire you.

Music can move you.

Music can connect you to your deepest core.

Music can give you that little push to do something extraordinary.

Music could be the fuel to fire up that passion inside you.

Whatever music is to you, is whatever music is to me. Hmmm...doesn't make sense at all!

Well, enjoy while you read my blogs. I have provided on the side my handpicked all-time favorite songs. Feel free to listen to them to your satisfaction.

If these choices don't really suite your rhythm, feel free to create one at Send me a link. Will ya?

How Rich Are You?

Did you ever ask yourself this question? I did. Perhaps, you also did. I’m sure all of us at some point in our lives have asked the same question to ourselves. What interests me though, is the answer to the question.

Rich? Well, richness could come in many facets. It could be material, spiritual, tangible, intangible, real, imaginary.

For most of us though, richness, is just for the things we could hold in our hands that this world could offer; that is—the material things that surround us.

That’s true and kind of sad that people in this universe are but humane, thus, the sense of materialism in each one of us.

I am materialistic—very, indeed!

Bags? To this date, I probably have at least fifty, pricey ones. Shoes? I could wear a different one every day of the month. Paper stuff & pens? I have a feeling that one day I’d be able to scribble my whole life story with them, in several hues, in different textures. Eye make-up? I have every color for my every mood. Wallets? I co…

Getting to the Bottom of Things...Duh

For the last few months I've been immersed into a really challenging situation. I started working for a job that entails talking to all kinds of people and making sure that their problem is taken care of.

I will be lying to say that the job didn't suck. Of course it did. One important requirement aside from having a good background in technical knowhow was the need for you to have good acting skills and a thick skin to be able to withstand the torture of talking to unhappy and at times really nasty people whose only goal was to have their issues resolved, be it relevant to their service or not--for free.

When I started, I know that my harder challenge would be being able to cope with the emotional trauma. I consider myself more technically inclined than most people, because technology really fascinates me. But on the other side, I am truly an emotional person who can't ignore nasty remarks from people who are unfortunately trashy.

The only other thing is we were constan…